Designing UX for a developer product

Designing Live for Facebook Mentions

We launched our company with a parody product

zoomBot — Our Journey on Creating a Chat Bot for Real Estate

Rebranding a digital bank: The story behind our new look

Is Readymag The Ultimate Portfolio Tool For Designers?

Redesigning Sidebar

Case Study: Startup Branding Presentation

Redesigning Ugmonk: A Year in the Making

Break this Safe: Case Study

How To Build a Better Behance Case Study

Case Study: SwiftyBeaver. Designing Logo.

Vevo on Apple TV: Music TV Reimagined

Designing Adobe Portfolio

Media coverage through data visualization

OneShot, a one week design case study

Finding the Right Color Palettes for Data Visualizations

How SwiftKey is using Material Design to boost user engagement

News, in context

The Making of Gyroscope Running

Design Principles: Choosing the Right Patterns

Translating The Ounce’s offline brand to the modern web

Allocine Redesign

Designing an idea

Imagine a natural and immersive TV experience

A multiplayer game designed to push the absolute limits of the Chromecast

UX Team Dashboard

Let’s change the way the world books air travel

Wrangler Born Ready

Circling Ourselves: The Story Behind Asana’s Rebrand

Building a tool for creating fun, animated typographic masterpieces

Exploring the Product Design of the Stripe Dashboard for iPhone

Designing the new Foursquare

Making Learning Easy by Design

Building SoundCloud

How I Got Hired by DigitalOcean

Keep everything. Share anything.

A Place for Sharing Ideas and Stories

A brand to catapult India's fastest growing startup

Amazon Prime Music

A retail experience that reinvents the way cars are sold

Case Study: Virgin America

Working together to make bitcoin more approachable


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